Apply for a TSB Bank account

Thanks for choosing us!

There are a few things we need from you to open an account with us, listed below. If you would like to apply online please have these handy, otherwise you can print out the completed form and send everything to us when you're ready.

4 ways to open your new account

  • Fill in the form online & upload your identification & proof of address. TSB Bank will send you the form to sign; OR
  • Fill in the form online, print it to sign & then upload the form with your identification & proof of address later; OR
  • Fill in the form online & print it to post with your identification & proof of address; OR
  • Print & complete the form by hand and post it to us with your identification & proof of address

New customers

To comply with the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, all new customers must provide us with documentation to verify their identity. You can attach this at the end or you can send it to us.

We will need the following ID from you:

A certified copy of:
a) a primary identification document; OR
b) a combination of one secondary photo & one secondary non-photo identification; OR
c) a NZ driver's licence and one supplementary identification document


Proof of your residential address, showing your surname and at least the initial of your first name (eg J Smith)

More about forms of ID we accept

Existing customers

If you are just applying for a WebSaver account, and you are registered for Online Banking or use our mobile banking app [my]bank, you can apply through either of these.

For any other accounts, please continue with the application.

Login to Online Banking


If you are applying for an account for a Trust, you will need to print and complete the application, and post it to us.

You will also need to supply identification for each Trustee and Signing Authority, as well a copy of the Trust Deed & Beneficial Owner/Signatory Schedule.

More about forms of ID we accept for Trusts
Download application form for Trusts

Minimum opening amounts

We will need an initial deposit before you can use your new account. You can either transfer the funds in when you get your new account number, or you can send us a cheque. The minimum amounts we require are listed below:

Premier $5000
WebSaver or Connect Account $1000
Term Investment $1000
Horizon Plan $1000
Saver Plus $500

Have questions?

Please call us on 0800 TSB BANK (0800 872 2265).