Roy Morgan Research - Financial Institution of the year - 2014
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Executive Team

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy, Managing Director/Chief Executive
Kevin has more than 20 years' experience at senior executive level with TSB Bank, contributing as Finance Manager then Deputy CEO, before taking on the Managing Director/CEO role in 2010. Kevin provides leadership, as well as strategic and operational direction. He is a Chartered Accountant and was awarded a fellowship in 2013. He is currently Vice President of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a Board member for Fisher Funds and Venture Taranaki.

Charles Duke

Charles Duke, Deputy Chief Executive
As Deputy CEO Charles coordinates department planning in accordance with the Bank's strategic direction. He works closely with the executive team to deliver on the goals and objectives set out by the CEO. With 30+ years in the IT industry Charles remains keenly interested in technology and also represents the Bank on industry forums and planning groups. Charles is a Board Member of Payments NZ and the Taranaki Rugby Football Union.

Roddy Bennett

Roddy Bennett, Chief Financial Officer
Roddy holds a BSc in Economics and Accounting, and is an Associate Chartered Accountant. As Chief Financial Officer he provides key strategic financial advice, and assists in determining the Bank's direction and positioning, including business development and operational planning.

Marie Collins

Marie Collins, Manager Technology Services
As TSB Bank's Technology Services manager, Marie oversees the delivery of the Bank's technology-based internal banking systems and external services including HomeBank, the Cashflow ATM network, and the Bank's website. Marie has a background in IT, banking and project management.

Audrey Young

Audrey Young, Manager, Human Resources
Audrey is responsible for TSB bank’s HR systems and processes and ensuring these are aligned with business strategies. Audrey holds a BSc (Honours) and has almost 20 years experience as a senior HR practitioner in both the private and public sector.

Doug Widdowson

Doug Widdowson, Chief Risk Officer
Doug is responsible for identifying and managing potential risks that could impede TSB Banks strategies and progress. He has over 20 years’ experience in banking and senior management, and ensures that risk management is delivered effectively, in accordance with best practice and efficiently.