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Home Loan Calculator

521 repayments of $594.79

Table mortgage

With a table loan your payments are the same and spread evenly over the whole term of your loan (subject to interest rate changes).

So it’s easier for you to budget. And because your principal payments are lower at the start of your loan, you may be able to afford to borrow more.


With the interest rate set at the beginning of the fixed term, you can be certain of how much your loan will cost you over that period. For new lending, fixed rates can be held for up to 60 days once your loan is contracted.

Floating / Variable

Interest rate changes follow market rates. You’ll have the flexibility to increase your repayments, put in a lump sum or pay off the loan early. You can accelerate principal to pay off your loan quicker, with reduced interest costs, or make the most of improved financial circumstances.


The best of both worlds – part-floating, part fixed – and you decide how much of each. You have certainty of a fixed rate as well as the flexibility of a variable rate.

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