Electronic Statement Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline terms for stopping paper statements:

Can I stop my paper account statements?

Yes, if you are a personal customer, you are a person authorised to make transactions on the account and are a registered user of HomeBank.

What options are available?

If you do not wish to receive a printed statement then a PDF version of your statement will be produced and stored on HomeBank Internet for viewing, download and printing. When a PDF is available on HomeBank Internet you can receive notification via email, TXT or receive no notification if you wish.

If I choose the Electronic Statement option, what will happen?

1. PDF account statements will look very similar to your paper account statements.

2. In choosing to receive PDF statements, you are specifying that HomeBank is the information system to which TSB Bank may send your continuing disclosure statements.

3. TSB Bank will satisfy its continuing disclosure obligations to you under the Credit Contracts Act 1981 and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 by providing those statements electronically.

4. TSB Bank will make PDF statements available at the same regular intervals it presently does for the paper account statements.

5. If you choose, TSB Bank will notify you when a new PDF account statement is available.

6. You can choose to receive that notification by an e-mail or by a TXT message.

7. If you choose to receive notification by TXT message, your cellular phone provider will charge you a fee per message (TSB Bank is in receipt of a commission on this fee). The usual amount charged is 20 cents per TXT message, however please check with your provider on the amount that will be charged.

8. TSB Bank will make the PDF account statements available on HomeBank Internet for a minimum of 12 months.

9. The electronic statement option is not available for TSB VISA accounts, TSB Bank will continue to send you a paper account statement.

What if I change my mind and want to receive paper account statements?

If you want to start receiving paper statements again after cancelling them, you can do this by going into the statements section of HomeBank, click on the account you want to change back to paper statements, then click on the 'change delivery method' button.

What if I want to continue receiving paper statements?

Unless you specify otherwise, for TSB accounts, TSB Bank will continue to send you paper account statements as usual.

Information collected for notification purposes is personal information and will be governed by the principles of the Privacy Act 1993. Please refer to our HomeBank privacy statement for more information.

If you have any queries contact your TSB Bank branch.