Australia ATM Use

It's easy to access cash in Australia using your TSB Bank Cashflow card at any Commonwealth Bank ATM.

Using your Cashflow card in Australia

  • Use any Australian Commonwealth Bank ATM as you would a TSB Bank ATM, simply enter your card and PIN as usual.
  • Your balance will be displayed in New Zealand and Australian dollars, taking the guesswork out of conversion.
  • Your receipt will show your remaining account balance in both currencies.
  • With over 3,300 Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Australia, you won’t be caught short.

Cashflow cards issued before 1 January 2006 (with a card number earlier than 5000 5300 0748 0085) will need to be replaced before using them in Australia. Cards will be reissued at no cost, simply contact TSB Bank to arrange a replacement.

Maximum withdrawal limits apply. The prevailing business day sell exchange rate at the time will apply which includes a retail exchange margin of 0.7%. A service fee of NZ$5 will apply as well as a currency conversion fee, both paid at the time of withdrawal.