Where can I use my Cashflow card?

Your TSB Bank Cashflow will work in ATMs all across New Zealand (even other Banks’) and EFTPOS works just like it does everywhere else. Even better, there are no transaction fees for using EFTPOS or bank owned ATMs* in New Zealand.

Access your cash in Australia?

Use you Cashflow card in Australia. With over 3,300 Commonwealth Bank ATMs** available, you won’t be caught short on your holiday.
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Access Online Banking

You can use your Cashflow card number (along with a personal security password) to log in to Online Banking and Phone Banking – get instant access to your accounts, wherever you are in New Zealand.


Your TSB Bank Cashflow card is protected by your own secret Personal Identification Number (PIN). You select the number and without it, no-one else can use your card.

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Lost / Stolen cards
If your card is lost or stolen within New Zealand, please let us know straight away. Outside normal business hours, please phone 0800 406 406.
Overseas? Please phone 0064 06 968 3700 or visit Visa Global Customer Assistance.

Cashflow or Visa Debit?

Cashflow Card Visa Debit
EFTPOS purchases in NZ
ATM withdrawals (NZ)
ATM withdrawals (overseas)
Purchases overseas
Online purchases
Phone purchases
Mail order purchases
Recurring purchases
payWave technology


  • Terms and Conditions

    *Use of ATMs not owned by any bank in New Zealand may incur a service fee (in addition to standard account transaction fees) for which TSB Bank receives a commission. 

    **The prevailing business day sell exchange rate at the time will apply which includes a retail exchange margin of 0.7%. A service fee of NZ$5 as well as a currency conversion fee, both paid at the time of the withdrawal will apply to all transactions with Commonwealth Bank ATM’s in Australia. 

    View our Disclosure Statement or pick up a copy at your nearest branch. Use of the TSB Bank Cashflow card is subject to TSB Bank's General Banking Information.