What is Visa Debit?Visa Debit Card

  • Use your card anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide.
  • Shop at your favourite online stores, buy tickets to a concert or plan an overseas holiday.
  • Pay for things under $80 quickly with Visa payWave – look for the symbol to wave & go without your PIN.
  • No transaction fees for using EFTPOS or majority of ATMs* in New Zealand.
  • Annual card fee applies.


Cashflow or Visa Debit?

Cashflow Card Visa Debit
EFTPOS purchases in NZ
ATM withdrawals (NZ)
ATM withdrawals (overseas)
Purchases overseas
Online purchases
Phone purchases
Mail order purchases
Recurring purchases
payWave technology

Lost / Stolen cards
If your card is lost or stolen within New Zealand, please let us know straight away. Outside normal business hours, please phone 0800 406 406.
Overseas? Please phone 0064 06 968 3700 or visit Visa Global Customer Assistance.


Easy payments with payWave

Make quick and easy payments under $80 with Visa payWave, without handing over your card and entering a PIN. Simply wave your card and go. You can still use payWave to make purchases over $80. Simply enter a PIN as you normally would.

How it works:
  • Look for the Visa contactless symbol in participating stores

  • Check the amount displayed on the terminal is correct & wave your card in front of the terminal. If a PIN is required, you'll be prompted to enter that as well.

  • When the terminal beeps and a green light shows, check your transaction has been approved.

  • Your transaction is complete - it's that easy

Please note, if you have other contactless cards, you should take care not to hold your wallet next to the terminal when paying.

View payWave FAQs

Choosing which accounts to use

When you request your Visa Debit card, you’ll have the option of choosing which account you’d like as your default account when no selection is available, for example shopping online.

You can also specify which of your savings or cheque accounts you'd like Visa Debit to use when you do have a selection choice.

See our Frequently Asked Questions


How to Apply

You’ll need a valid TSB Bank account to get a Visa Debit card. To apply, log in to Online Banking, choose 'apply' from the menu, then select 'a credit card'. Answer a few easy questions and then choose the Visa  Debit option. 

  • Visa Debit Terms and Conditions

    *Use of ATMs not owned by any bank in New Zealand may incur a service fee (in addition to standard account transaction fees) for which TSB Bank receives a commission. 

    View our Disclosure Statement or pick up a copy at your nearest branch. Use of our accounts and services are subject to TSB Bank's General Banking Information.  TSB Bank Limited is under no obligation to approve application or provide a reason should the application be declined. The annual card fee will be charged five days after approval of the application and annually thereafter. 

    View Visa Interchange Rate Fee Schedule