What we need

  • Completed Loan Application, Personal Circumstances & Loan Application Authorisation forms.

  • A copy of the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

  • Either a Rates Notice showing the Government Valuation or a Registered Valuer's Report that's no more than three months old.

  • A copy of recent bank statements or pay slips to show your household income (or copies of your last two financial statements if you're self-employed).

  • If you're building, a copy of the plans and specifications plus the Registered Valuer's Report and a builder's pricing contract.

  • Identification documents listed below (if you are a new customer).

  • Trust documentation

Welcome Home Loan

You will need to complete additional documentation to apply for this loan. Please contact us directly. 



We will need the following ID from you:

A certified copy of (or an original if you’re visiting a branch):

  1. a primary identification document OR

  2. a combination of one secondary photo & one secondary non-photo identification; OR

  3. a NZ driver's licence and one supplementary identification document


Proof of your residential address, showing your surname and at least the initial of your first name (eg J Smith)

Trusts will need to supply the above information for each Trustee and Signing Authority, as well as a copy of the Trust Deed.

Find out about the forms of ID we accept:

ID required for Personal Accounts

ID required for Trust Accounts