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Our Current Home Loan Rates

A minimum deposit of 20% is required for home loan special interest rates. Residential loans with less than a 20% deposit are subject to availability of funds and may incur an additional low equity interest rate, while the loan exceeds 80% of the value of the home. All interest rates are subject to change without notification.
Term Rate Effective Date
6 Months Fixed Special from 4.85 % p.a. 07/09/2017
1 Year Fixed Special from 4.55 % p.a. 07/09/2017
18 Months Fixed Special from 4.65 % p.a. 07/09/2017
2 Years Fixed Special from 4.69 % p.a. 07/09/2017
3 Years Fixed Special from 4.99 % p.a. 07/09/2017
10 Years Fixed Special from 6.20 % p.a. 07/09/2017
Housing Variable from 5.80 % p.a. 07/09/2017
6 Months Fixed from 4.99 % p.a. 07/09/2017
1 Year Fixed from 4.80 % p.a. 07/09/2017
18 Months Fixed from 4.99 % p.a. 07/09/2017
2 Years Fixed from 5.15 % p.a. 07/09/2017
3 Years Fixed from 5.45 % p.a. 07/09/2017
5 Years Fixed Special from 5.69 % p.a. 07/09/2017

rate offer 4.49   

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The interest rate is set at the beginning of your chosen voluntary principal term, and repayments are at a fixed amount for that portion of your overall loan term. You can make extra payments each year of up to 5% of the outstanding loan balance or $10,000 (whichever is the lesser). For new lending, fixed rates can be held for up to 60 days once your loan is contracted. When your rate is up for renewal, you can re-fix through Online Banking**.

Find out more about our 10 year fixed home loan rate. 

Floating / Variable

The interest rate can go up or down with the market, so repayments will increase or decrease in line with the interest rate change. You’ll have the flexibility to increase your repayments or make extra payments without being penalised. 


The best of both worlds – part-floating, part fixed – and you decide how much of each. You have certainty of a fixed rate as well as the flexibility of a variable rate.

Things you need to know
  • If you’re unable to make your regular payments and are facing unforeseen hardship, there are options available to assist you through difficult times.
  • Let us know straightaway if you move.
  • If you break a fixed rate term early, or pay more than 5% extra or $10,000 (whichever is the lesser per calendar year), you may need to pay break costs*.




      Bridging finance

      If you're selling your home and buying or building a new one, bridging finance can take the pressure off selling your current home in a hurry. This is a separate loan and typically on an interest-only basis, with the old property used as security and the loan repaid when that property sells. Interest rates are 1% p.a. above our standard home loan rates. 

      Revolving Credit

      You can opt for a revolving credit facility as part of your TSB Bank Home Loan (limits apply). Direct credit your salary and as your debt reduces, you can draw funds again.